Who Is Ed Komski Revisited, Part 1- Truth, Myth, Magic and Ed


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The first article I did on this website was Who Is Ed Komski. That was back on Dec 15, 2015. It seems like a lifetime ago. That article was written to give a bit of an historical background as to who Mr. Komski was. In this series of articles I want to focus on Mr. Komski’s actions since being appointed/elected? to the position of Master of the California State Grange chartered in 2014 along with the needed corporate identity. In fact, Mr. Komski has started a second California State Grange corporation that we’ll get to in chapter 2. There’s a lot to talk about so let’s get started.

Truth, Myth, Magic and Ed.

The TRUTH is that the then (old) California State Grange and Now California Guild had its charter revoked by National Grange on April 5, 2013 for a variety of offenses, made up or otherwise. Six months later, at the 136th annual convention of the (old) California Guild, a resolution was entered by Leo Bergeron and it was voted on unanimously by the 50 or so attending chapters and 100+ delegates to write a letter of disaffiliation to National Grange dated November 8, 2013. The disaffiliation letter was written six months after the revocation letter from NG.This was done at the 136th annual convention held that year at the Sebastapol Grange.

The MYTH that is told by National and Komski is that all of the legal problems began because the (old) California State Grange sent a revocation letter to National Grange. National Grange then revoked the charter after (old) California State Grange disaffiliated.
Both National and Komski started perpetrating this myth wherever and whenever possible. This myth has been used to undermine many chapters. I guess if folks believe that it was necessary to revoke the California because they quit then it makes all of the subsequent misdeeds more acceptable. This myth of disaffiliation was even asserted when Ed Komski’s miniuns came to our hall in Fort Bragg this last spring. Bob Clouse of the CSG executive committee stood there waving a copy of the disaffiliation letter while trying to convince us that the old CSG left first. This ALT FACT also shows up in an NG publication and states-

“These folks are Grangers, have always been Grangers, and just want to work within the bonds of fraternal fellowship to meet the needs of their communities, educate one another and advocate at the local and state level important issues of the day,” Komski said.

The new State Grange was reorganized several months after leaders of the former California State Grange notified the National Grange Executive Board that they had voted to disaffiliate from the national organization. This disaffiliation has caused great confusion on the part of many of our members in local Granges in California and the general public.

“So it was decided a new, officially-chartered State Grange in California needed to be organized to take the former Grange’s place,” Komski said.

These quotes from Mr. Komski are also available directly on the National Grange website  At least until they read this and take it down like they do with other writings that may affect their waning credibility.

The MAGIC to this is that if it is told enough times the way Komski and NG want it to be, people start believing it. We have successfully educated most of the people in our chapter but it’s amazing how many people believe this myth. Maybe they just don’t want to believe that The Grange is just as capable of lying to them as any other organization that is struggling to stay afloat at all costs.

Bruce Broderick




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  1. Martha Austin
    August 13, 2017 at 12:54 am

    Once again, Mr. Broderick, kudos for your clear, concise, and accurate contribution. And thank you for untangling some of the webs of Komski spin.

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