Worthy Community Hall Caretakers:

Welcome to the Community Coalition website. A like minded group of Community Hall Caretakers have banded together to provide protection, information and communication to help us through these rough waters. If one Hall is under duress, we are all under duress. In unity is strength. 

The services provided by the Community Coalition include:

  • Providing resources and support for the protection of our community halls
  • An updated Frequently Asked Questions document that separates fact from non-fact 
  • Access to legal aid if needed (Now Available)
  • Articles of interest to Hall organizations
  • A team of experienced Community Hall organizers who are ready and willing to help you address your issues. Contact us with your needs or questions.
  • Access to a growing number of halls who are saying, "enough is enough"
  • Clearing house for ideas and Hall projects like Solar Hall Program, Rural Broadband and the Emergency Ham Radio Network

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